Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to For Youth Initiative

For Youth Initiative (FYI) is a by youth for youth agency that uses pop culture to bring critical theory and social systemic change to the streets of the former City of York, North Etobicoke and West Toronto areas.

We offer:
  • life and employment skill building
  • recreational programs
  • community development initiatives
  • alternative education
  • needs assessment
  • referral and informal counselling services
  • an expanding multimedia project
Visit us at:

FYI Head (York) Office

1652 Keele St
Toronto, ON
M6M 3W3

  • Office Tel: (416) 653-3311
  • Executive Director Tel: (416) 652-9618
  • Fax: (416) 653-3423

FYI Satellite (Etobicoke) Office

Recreation Room
58 Waterton Rd
Toronto, ON
M9P 2R1

  • Office Tel: (416) 614-6269
  • Fax: (416) 652-9618

Background And Mission

For Youth Initiative (FYI) is a by youth for youth agency that uses popular culture to bring critical theory and social systemic change to the street.

FYI works in the former City of York and North Etobicoke areas of Toronto. Our initial mandate, as the For Youth Project (1996-2000), was to increase access to social recreational services. However, after our incorporation in 2000 and after staff turnover our mandate has expanded to include a variety of other services.

Currently, FYI works to increase youth capacity, encourage civic engagement, build life skills, community development, youth empowerment and other direct service provision. While initially our catchment area was limited to the former City of York, due to the high needs and the lack of services in the area, our programs and partnership projects have expanded our service delivery to North Etobicoke and other parts of West Toronto.

FYI works to increase access to social service, education, recreation, economic and cultural opportunities for youth with a view towards increased participation from ethno-cultural youth and youth from other diverse communities.

We believe that it is important to identify and respond to social issues which impact upon youth with an emphasis on collaborative responses, which incorporate youth and youth serving organizations. We attempt to develop and deliver services, or enhance services through collaborative efforts that serve as preventative measures in addressing issues associated with urban youth populations.

FYI attempts to provide capacity building opportunities to youth, through education, training and participation in other youth related initiatives, so they can more effectively act on their own behalf in systems change efforts, in attaining resources and in other youth related initiatives.

Mission Statement

For Youth Initiative is an organization that is committed to creating healthy communities by increasing life-chances of youth at-risk. We will do this through the provision of empowering programs and services that are youth-driven, inclusive and accessible.

Vision Statement

For Youth Initiative aims to create healthy communities where youth are fully engaged and equal participants in society.